QUESTION N.9:"Pessimism makes the body and the soul sick"

Thursday, 13 November 2014

QUESTION: Dear Maria, when we look around we only see disasters and many people's bad actions. In a world like this, how do we trust in the future?

ANSWER: Dear A., we see a lot of terrible things happening in the world, but the most terrible is not having confidence and being negative, because pessimism makes the body and the mind ill affecting also those who are close to you. You have to smile to find the joy that renews, you must be happy for those who are happy so that positive thinking and prayer could born. On this issue, I invite you to read the Master's Revelation of July 14, 1990 and the following questions addressed to Luigi.

“ Peace be with you. Pessimism and its damage: many of you, men of the earth are pessimists. You create negative energy that surrounds your whole body, the mind does not reason anymore and it releases its negativity from the opaque energy that surrounds the man's body on earth. The mind becomes negative and raw in its manifestation and in its word. The human being is surrounded by his laws, his way of thinking, of seeing things and this opaque energy that surrounds his body does not make him see, feel, vibrate and in his human search he loses himself in the apparent search of spiritual life. All his strength, all his spiritual search are lost in the useless search of himself. He, seeking only himself, creates a barrier of detachment, of isolation from the whole universe and becomes selfish stopping his evolution. This is only a first phase, another barrier gradually enters the human body and he finds isolation with all that is spiritual and his feeling turns into bitterness. He isolates himself from his trinity, his sensitivity lacks and little by little he becomes sad, serious and it is in this way that the evil of man born. The evil that afflict man of the earth begins to arise and lacking the spiritual research the body and mind become ill. The Spirit surrounded by this negative vibration can't communicate and vibrate with the outside, at the Spirit is prevented being luminous, and so the human being becomes negative and this negativity does not affects only himself but all those who are around him. He creates around him a magnetic field of negativity that is harmful not only for himself but for all those who want to evolve. I tell you: if someone standing by disturbs you, pray that he could be freed from his negativity.
In the second phase, the negativity gets so bad that he wants evil for other people hating all those who are happy. Instead, the human being that lives on the earth should be happy for those who are happy, because vibrating together with them and being happy for them you attract this happiness and you will participate in their happiness. What does it mean to participate? It means vibrate together with them getting the same joy that they have and your spirit unites to them. And then always smile and be happy so that each of you could find the joy in the world that renews and makes you no longer human but divine. This is only a first small earthly phase afterward there is prayer and positive thought and the human gaze becomes divined, full of love and light that makes happy many people who are suffering changing their existence, because if you look with love all those who are suffering, I tell you that these brothers will be healed and they will be happy. And if your eye loves, vibrates and launches positive thoughts we will look at you with positive eyes. But if you look bad at others we will look at you badly, because who does the evil of the same evil will perish. And I tell you: Pray for those who persecute and hate you, for those who harm you so that each of you could find serenity, we will close to you we will love and bless you and nothing will be done to you. Learn to love, to smile, to look at all those who hate you with sweet eyes and if you are not able to take the word of love, caress with your mind, with your gaze who is suffering and who hates you and inwardly you must say: “ O Lord I bless them.Peace to you all.”
(The Master on July 14, 1990)

Luigi greets you brothers I wish you peace and serenity. Talk if you want. QUESTION: we often meet people who are negative, I would like some advice from you, what can we say to them? Because they tell us their pains but they don't listen to us. They do not listen to you because they have created a negative mentality around them, they often hate God, blaspheme and insult Him.
QUESTION: What can we do? Do we have to pray and wait a little while before talking them again? Sure, never get tired of talking, because of the need your word. QUESTION: In the first part of the message, talking about pessimism and its damages, I understood that pessimism that surrounds people moves them away from Trinity. But I didn't understand the explanation. Could you explain it, please? God is composed of Father, Son and Holy Spirit which are one, the Trinity, and you are part of It, you have conceived this Trinity in Spirit, Heart and Mind. Pessimism brings total detachment because first it moves away from your mind and you don't think with your heart anymore because your mind doesn't transmit well and your Soul is surrounded by the pessimism that brings to human evil and human's evil is healed only by Faith, good thoughts and love for other people. So we told you: look at your enemies with good eyes, send them good thoughts and your body will be no more ill. Many of your diseases are a consequence of your way of living, loving, thinking, a man of the earth cannot live in his egoism, in his suffering created by his own thought, detached by the universe, by the earth. Man, living in isolation, taking with him all the wickedness of his thought, creates all those imaginary evils which are created by a state of anxiety, of malaise, of interior malice that fall on him making him suffer and gradually ill and when he is really ill the treatments are no longer useful.
But there are also many evils that so many people have, many Gurus have had, many Saints have suffered, they had them because they bear the weight of the world, they suffer for the evils of the world and this suffering becomes redemption of the evil that is done. These people suffer like Jesus who took upon himself the sins of the world on the cross. That's why so many people suffer but they are distinguished by their gaze, their goodness, by their way of speaking and living, while the other people scream, blaspheme, give the fault of everything to God and they do not know that many things happen because of their behaviour, are created by themselves.
QUESTION: I would like to ask if there is a tendency to be pessimistic? You must correct the character, this is the bigger test. Peace to you all.”
(Luigi, Revelation on July 14, 1990)

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