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QUESTION: “Dear Maria, in answer to a previous question you argued how to immerse ourselves in the atoms of the universe. Is this the secret of creation?”

Dear A., yes it is and even more than this, it is the blending to the Universe, to our Brothers and to God. If we raise our eyes to heaven we will see Truth and also our Divine Spark.
Here follows a Master’s Revelation on this issue followed by some questions raised to Luigi.
“Lord in your hands I recommend my Spirit. Everything is Light and Love, Truth and Mercy, the total harmony that the human being looks for to keep its balance.

You must get out your material body and immerse yourselves in the atoms of the universe, in its streams of warm air, in the harmony of creation, in the blossoming of trees, in the heat of the sun and you will see everything flourish and rejoice.

Immerse yourselves in your brothers and sisters next to you, so that they could listen your word. Immerse in your mind, in your breath, because you are part of creation, of life. Let your Love explode inside you like a beam of light. Raise and look forward and you will see the sparkle that is inside you, which is the origin of life. Immerse yourselves in the universe and you will find the truth of life that doesn’t consume. Life life, O Life, sow Love and you will pick Love!

Your small Divine Sparkle must sow continuously Love, if you don’t give love it disappears. Here it is the meaning of Love, a simple word that can be meaningless or meaningful. Raising your eyes to heaven is not enough you must look inside you. You must shine on and you must already cry because you haven’t the consciousness, because you don’t know how to love, to suffer, to offer and because very often you feel all your loneliness. Too many times I heard these dark words: “ Why do I have to go there?”

Raise your sparkle so that it becomes like the light of the Lighthouse that shines continuously. Only in this way you can say, O God, in your hands I recommend my Spirit!

You shall say O Father I felt your Heat, your Vibration, your Love, your word, your cry, your breath and I didn’t know how to dry your tear coming down for me. I can’t speak or hear because my material interests are too many and money makes me dumb and blind. I feel the great strength that keeps me away from You and I scream: O God why did you leave me? Why do not I feel your warmth, your tears, your Word? Why cannot I offer you my brilliant Spirit and why do not I cry with you for the brother who does not see and hear? For the brother who doesn’t speak, the word must be life, harmony, contemplation. The word must be the vitality of the Soul, because only in this way it regains its strength and consciousness.

Here I am, and as Master Luigi says:
“ I leave my Self to enter in you and together to you I come back again in myself and I call, embrace and caress you. Here it is the word, the beauty, here it is the Soul that shines and all my Love.
O dear Father God. I know that every your throb is for Me, I know that we are synchronized, because the throb of your heart is at the same time the throb of my heart. We are united by Love and this love that makes me free and alive belong to you. And I feel the Love of my Soul because I know that it belongs to you, I feel the love of your thoughts because they belong to me.
I’m jealous of each of you, I give me to you as then. I renew this pact of love together with you and even outside you, in the universe, because I am who I am. I am a part of you and the cry of my soul is not sadness but harmony because I can speak and communicate. Blessed are those who may hear my word, bless those who may receive me, not in the symbolic gesture of a host, but may receive me in the spirit which is the greatest harmony that every being can have, can give. Blessed are those who have joined on this moment, behold: if in the hands of the Father I recommend my Spirit, in your hands I recommend my love, in your heart I engrave my name and in your minds I engrave my will and my passion, so that each of you can live with me the moment of a day. Here I am Father! I leave my legacy to them, I leave them my love to come back to you. Blessed are those who follow me. Pray for those who suffer, pray for the sick. Be humble and never say: I would have done, I would have said, because in the same instant when you say this sentence you will be condemned, say only: Lord I am your servant and say with me: “Lord in your hands I recommend my Spirit. I am with you until the end of the centuries, the Light blesses you, Peace to you all.”

“Peace be you, Luigi greets you with affection, he offers all himself so that this Easter may be a Resurrection for everyone. Pray for those who do not have the joy of attending this moment that has been given to you. Talk if you want, I will not stay long”.

Listen,Luigi, the Master talked about how to immerse ourselves in the atoms of the universe and made several examples. It seemed to me a suggestion on how to love oneself in astral, a fusion between our Souls and how the Spirit should rise. Is this the concept or the Master wanted to say something else?
“ you understood correctly, but first you must love your brothers on earth and Love in astral will come automatically”.

When the Master says that Love must be nourished by life, what does it mean?
“ How would you talk about love if there is no vitality within you? Did you understand? (Yes).

Question: the Son of God for several times said: “ Cry, cry, then at the end of the speech he said: “ I cry harmony”. Can you explain this sentence?
“ Is it not the time for Resurrection? If you suffer and you know that you have to rise again, do you not cry of love? The Master cries harmony because this is the time of Resurrection, talk.

Listen, Luigi, this evening the Master didn't just tell us to give love as incitement and teaching, He even called it testament. All this is very beautiful because it is also the week of Passion. Does the testament have a deeper meaning ?
“With the testament He recognized you as sons and brothers and left a part of Him engraved in your heart, He left His will inside you that's why He called it Testament. And He said to scream with Him: Lord in your hands I recommend my Spirit, so He identified Himself with you: “ I go out to enter you and then come back to Me with you. He made the gesture for you so that each of you can receive what He has received.

Listen, Luigi, did the cold that the Medium felt before starting the meeting this evening has a special meaning?
It was the cold of death that the Master felt on the Cross. Talk if you want( but it's not done) can you be so weak?
Okay, I wish you a radiant Easter full of Light and Love and I bless you with all my Being. Peace to you all.

The Master and Luigi, April 11, 1990

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