QUESTION n.1: Give your gesture to God

giovedì, 12 dicembre 2013

The Master in a Revelation has invited us to develop our intelligence. It seems to be more than to give love or to do the charity. It is not a human intelligence, but an intelligence of the Spirit that must discover its Divinity to finalize all actions to the search of God. Is it right?

You must develop the faith you have as bread develops itself with the yeast. If you don’t develop the faith that you have you cannot touch the divine emotion.. The divine emotion can be discovered doing some good to other people, but it is not enough, you must do good with intelligence. Many people do some good because they are brought to a spiritual life, they feel it, they love it and they have so much already. However, it is not enough and this is a really personal thing: to develop your own intelligence to use more of the faith that there is in each of you.
You must offer your actions to God and develop your intelligence in the action you do, almost to give it to God, to know the goal of a gesture that must be a reasoned gesture and you must consecrate it to God.
When you do something beautiful it is usually the heart that speaks, because there is the joy to give and it is so much already. But if you speak also with your intelligence not only with the heart and you offer this action to God, this becomes a consecrated gesture, because you put to the service of your action the intelligence. In other words, if you do a good action and you meditate it with your own intelligence offering it to God this becomes reasoning. And when you ask yourself if you are doing the right thing and at the end, you see that your action is good and you offer it to God you are consecrating your good action directly to Him.

(Luigi October 17,1990)

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