QUESTION n.2: What do you mean by evolved human being?

domenica, 19 gennaio 2014

Dear Maria, at these times we speak a lot of evolution of the human being, of a new man that we need to enter a new age. But what do you mean by evolved human being?

this is Maria’s answer: “Dear S.,the human being must be like the candle: he must melt of love for other people because love is the secret of the evolution. Please read the Master’s teaching:
“What is the evolution of the most careful man of the earth? It is like musical ropes: many musical notes play false while others give harmony. But those notes false for someone might be in perfect tuning for somebody else. And this concept belongs to the evolution of mankind.
If you think well you will find the harmony in your note and will continue to live surrounded by the energy of that note. Moreover, you have your own note and you take the spiritual energy directly from the evolutionary plan to which you belong.
In your life you cannot be in tune with another major or lesser evolutionary plan. You have your own note and this interior note will become more brilliant in your life because, in the end, you will find the harmony of your evolution.
Moreover the rays of the sun complete you, they fill you with internal harmony, because the sun is the most important part of your terrestrial nature, you must enjoy it and make it yours, you must embrace the sun, because it gives you the same energy it gives to the plants of creation, The sun gives energy to your own musical note and it is the harmony of your spirit. Therefore I say that getting warm to the sun is as getting warm to the divine light which penetrates you. Try to embrace the sun as more as possible, because its divine energy penetrates you and your aura will become bigger, your spirit becomes bigger thanks to the energy of the sun that is just a divine energy.
The divine energy doesn’t look if a human being is beautiful, ugly or awkward, but it looks only at the inner of this being that after so many reincarnations feel happy thanks to the sun’s energy. That’s why we can see ugly beings but full of that heat, full of that energy that gives them life, evolution. And in their aspect even if awkward or ugly shines the divine light and their eyes become beautiful because from these eyes you can see not only their outside aspect but even the inside one.
Therefore I say to you to get warm to the sun, let your body deteriorates itself and becomes soft as soft it was its arrival on the earth. You must be like the candle, you must think about a candle because it is a symbol. The candle is something that everybody uses for making light, but nobody realizes that the candle is only an act of love, because to give light it melts itself for the good of the man. I would like that each of you were as the candle that gives light and giving light it gives also love because it melts itself, it melts itself of love.
You must be as the candle, you must melt of love for other people, you also must give light to the other people so that they can see in the dark, because people need your light.
And then you must be as little flames, illuminate the road of the poor, illuminate the road to the old ones, to the sick, to the infirm to those that don’t see. Give them your light, consume you for those humans that suffer on the earth, because all of you have a proper light, the light of the Spirit that inflames and gives light with love, which is the divine love, the divine love that is in each of you.
Therefore I tell you once more to illuminate your walk, illuminate the road of people that don’t see or that have lost the light, of those that have never turned on the light. Consume you of love for people that doesn’t see, doesn’t feel or doesn’t speak Die of love for people who don’t know you, who doesn’t understand you for so many that cannot know the light because they have never seen it. You have your divine flame inside you, illuminate it with the word, with the look and with the expression of a love that doesn’t have an end.
Walk straight in your life and if you find someone who doesn’t see, embrace him hold your hand on his shoulder and walk together, give him light and love. And leave the joy and endless beauty expand out of you, because they are only the demonstration of the divine creation. And as the candle symbolically melt itself all of you must do the same for all those that suffer, that doesn’t see the truth and embrace the sun, lift your hands with turns palms to the sun and heat your forehead, because your forehead is the true accumulator of divine energy. Hold the palms of your hands toward the sun because only in this way you can draw and return all of this that you have had from God.
When does the resurrection happen for each of you? Every time that you make a good action or you are good or you know how to forgive and you know how to understand.
Evolved, I repeat once more, it is not the beautiful human, but, evolved, can be also the ugliest man of the earth and he can contain inside him that flame that he knows how to illuminate. That’s why my children, you must be like this in your life. For one who suffer it is beautiful to know that there is someone who loves him, who prays for him even if he doesn’t know him. Also I, like the candle, melt me of love for each of you and in silence without saying a word I adore you.
Send away from your minds the understands thoughts and not inclusive. You cannot hate who doesn’t know to love, you cannot hate who doesn’t know to live, because I will illuminate their road I will embrace them and I will protect them. I don’t look if they are good or bad, I know that I must p give all myself and consume of love for them. Peace be with you.”

The Master, September 29,1993

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