QUESTION n.3: "What will remain of us when we are not here anymore?

venerdì, 7 febbraio 2014

Dear Maria I am not afraid to die, but I sometimes think that it would be great if we were remembered for something that does not belong to the material world. The question is becoming nagging for me: what will remain of us when we are not here anymore?

Dear F., I’m sure that we will leave our footprint, our spiritual values, the example of our actions and thoughts, the good words and the positive thoughts sent with love: Do you know the parable of the seed that sprouts, revealed by the Master? Here it is:

“ My brothers, you are fragile, your life is full of emotions. When a I look at you, I see the small wheat grain. It grows and fortifies itself only from a small seed that sprouts. This small seed becomes just grass, but its fruits will fortify, grow, and become bigger and bigger and multiply. Here, I see you like the wheat grain that will die, but it will leave in heritance other small seeds, which will have to sprout again at the end. Therefore your life, your slender life, will not have to die alone, without memories, but you will multiply as the wheat grain. If your seed is good, it will be fertile and bright and it could multiply itself during your life and even out of it.

When the inexorable sickle cuts your shrub, those little seeds will sprout again and every little seed will speak of you and of the past generations. Everybody will wonder who your grandfather or great-grandfather could be. Your life will be full of sprouts and fertility that should never die. Listen, it is up to you to sow this little seed in a fertile land, it is up to you to live your mark, to leave good fruits, the fruits that will leave their seeds, so that these children who are to be born speak of you. Even if nobody remembers your name, they will remind you of those people who come after you and who will come after you so that they must say: “ Blessed are you, oh Child, and blessed is who gave you life”.

This is the right example, but it is not enough to say: “I have a child, ten children, twenty or forty children like the wheat of grain or even more. You must say: I did good, I know how to fortify my seed. So I left my life to other lives that did not know the light of God. I left my sign imprinted in the firmament and in the Light of God, not only in men’s mind. Here it the sign that everybody must leave. If you are a small seed, a small wheat grain that have to sprout to leave a lot of it and do it well. And when death comes with its sickle to cut your shrub, you will not die, because your life has remanined imprinted in other lives and they will leave for you, so that your Soul will say: “ I rest in peace”.

This is the example that each of you must give. Therefore your best seed is to speak and to bring to the harvest so many good fruits. Bring the seeds to Me, so I can sow them for you. So when I have sown them, these seeds will able to sprout and I will come to you to caress your forhead and your hair.

And when you become old, you will lean on Me, and I will walk with you. And I will brighten your Soul as the Grain that dominates your sowing. Peace be with you.

The Master June 30, 1990

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