martedì, 11 marzo 2014

Dear Maria, i read your last answer on the website, it is very useful and to meditate, thanks a lot. I also read the news they were published on Februray 14th: Nannarella’s message, your own Angel, regarding our thoughts. She says that when our thoughts are heavy they forms dense clouds of negative energy, and therefore i wanted to ask you: What does it happen when our thoughts are not in harmony with the universe?

Dear C., you know that our mind is the exact copy of the universe (as Above, so below) and therefore what happens in the universe is exactly repeated in our mind. The Master teaches that if our thoughts are beautiful, our Self is in contact with the Light of God and this gives us energy and happiness. Instead, if our thoughts are tormented and stormy, our mind suffers. Regarding this concept there is a Master’s teaching, please read and meditate on it:

“ In you there is this great cosmic force that is in the hights of Heaven and which is higher even than the universe! You have to think about the huge, solid clouds that turn and rise, widen and shrink and embrace each other continuosly.
What are they doing. They become bigger feeding theirselves of the food which they find over there. This food is called astral nourishment, because every time that the stars, milions of stars explode in the universe, this great form of cosmic energy that goes around the universe and collects all these fragments; it mixes them together and the energy gets bigger and bigger until to form new planets. This cosmic energy borns from the steams, from the humidity from the gas that get out when a star get explode. But this star is formed again and so the cycle, continues and it is perpetuated. When a star explodes, hundreds of them explode, millions, and other stars are formed again as new, solid and they will live for thousands years. Such it is in each of you, inwardly. Why do you feel sickness, then joy, happiness, sadness and bitterness? Why does it happen? Inwardly, your blood runs and your feelings are formed by your breathing. Your thoughts absorb this cosmic vibes according to your feeling and they form an inner reaction; you are part of the universe, you are the exact copy of the universe, and through your feelings you keep yourselves in touch with it.

If you think of something beautiful, your inner self is in contact with the great Light of God and it gives you strenght and makes you happy, instead if your thoughts are tormented, they are in contact directly with the cosmic expansion, with the astral movements and therefore they are affected by all these explosions.

The great cosmic expansion goes all over the universe, it gets near to the most obscure places and therefore your outbursts of wrath born, you do not know how to control yourself and you say bad things and you give the fault of everything to your partner, the truth, is that, at that moment your thought has come into contact with the astral evolution area that is in explosion. Your thoughts must always be turned to the Great Light, they must not be absorbed by things that can torment you, otherwise the incompatibility of character born!

I say to you to be good. Think of the Great Light and your heart and your body will benefit of it. In fact, if you breethe with the thought turned to the Light, your body, your cells with the breath absorb breath of Light, of great love and your body keeps you healthier and younger. If instead you suffer from your material, earthly things, the thought like a spring goes into the infinite universe of darkness, not into that of the Light and it becomes an astral thought of the inifinte darkness and your body becomes older. I say to you my children to love each other, if love is pain is even resurrection of your Soul, of your body, of your thoughts. This is the real resurrection, if everyone is the exact copy of the universe, must do its evolution which is an evolution of the Light, of the Soul an evolution that is even resurrection of the Spirit when you are in touch with the divine Light, with the Father God. My children, i love you, I embrace you all and I leave you my energy and my love. I bless you because your Holy Spirit has brought you here.”

(The Master 23.5.81)

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