mercoledì, 2 aprile 2014

Dear Maria I read some of your answers about the last questions, in one of them you explained what remain of our life and then what happens to our thoughts. But I would like to know: what does it happen to our words? What does it happen to what we say?

Dear B., the word has a great vibration and with its power holds the fate of the whole universe. The universe was built by a Word, and our strength is not of the body, but it comes out from the thought and the word.

I suggest you to read this Master’s teaching:

“You are here to listen to the word. What is it? It is a Divine Vibration, that flows light, you don’t know anything about it but the word has a great power and, being part of your Spirit, holds the fate of the universe!

How was built the universe? It was built by a word. Word and thought blended together in a single force are able to fix every little square so to form a divine mosaic. The universe is made of the thought and of the word. The body may have no strength, your hands can be strong and warm, but they are the thought and the word that lead this force that is transmitted through your hands and your gaze. What would life be without the word? You speak and you emanate strong vibrations to shake the whole universe. You can unite or destroy with your word, your forces must be more united and your word will be purified through the Spirit and it will come out clear and pure thanks to it. What would the word be if it wasn’t heated by the divine Light? You do not feel its warmth, you know that it exist, but you don’t know how it was born. It is the Spirit that speaks, that gives force to the whole universe. If you say a prayer aloud you can have results sooner than just thinking it, but why? Because your thought alone has a limited power, but your thought together to your word have a great power. Therefore do not talk of frivolous things, your voice and your words must be positive, speak well, do not judge and your word will be only of love. Let that this word of love resonates in the purest universe, and your Spirit will benefit of it.

I say to you: you must know what you are saying or what you are doing, because your word can kill or resurrect.

If you feel light and free in the infinite space for a moment you will not see you ego any more, but you hear your real voice resonating in the universe. So let that your word of Love resonate in the universe, and Love will come to you, let resonate your Light and the Light will come to you, because you are made of it. Peace be with you.

The Master February 20, 1982

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