mercoledì, 30 aprile 2014

Dear Maria, I read your answers to the last questions. You explained what happens to our thoughts and to our words. But I wanted to ask you: to whom do we owe our life? How is our body fed?

Dear L., the atoms in the heavens are done for us, they are all around and they purify and regenerate us through our breath and through skin’s pores. They maintain our body and our mind young. Please read again this passage of a Revelation given by the Master.

“It is nice to see the atoms spinning all around doing many reels! They spin on themselves forming strings of light. Many of them run incessantly like a spiral and disappear making a dull rustling. This is what is happening now in the firmament, they are spinning ceaselessly without stopping. You can not imagine the spectacle of these trails and rustles of thousands of colors that are renewed continuously. They are so beautiful! In this way, they purify and recharge everything.

The atoms are destined to humans: they spin keeping alive until they are consumed by humans, they are extremely beautiful and they give colors that you can’t ever imagine. They vibrate in the universe ready to be consumed by man, but they do not disappear. Renewed cells get out of man through breath and through skin’s pores. They are consumed by humans but they ascend up in the universe to regenerate themselves and so they are ready to be used again.

Children of the Earth, here there is the absolute Perfection. Here there is Energy and pure Wisdom. We desire to talk to you to give you all our energy so that each of you can renew itself spiritually. These atoms have the power to revitalize and get your body and your mind younger, so that you can restart a new life, it is as each of you reincarnated and started a new life. If you could understand this mystery! Your life would be immortal, the cells of your body would stop and they never ended. Only your mind, your physical power could go on, even further to renew itself continuously until your expression, your Spirit, really did not want to melt away from this bond made immortal, to regain the immortality of pure Spirit.

Oh this wonderful thirst for wisdom that it is in each of you! I tell you to strengthen your Spirit, to strengthen your mind and your thought, to start a new life of evolution, an evolution that is constantly renewed , as the spark of Light is renewed.

Dear children, I am with you and inside you. I am outside of you and all around you. I am the Light that does not end, who believes in me will not die.

(The Master January 28, 1983)

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