venerdì, 30 maggio 2014

Dear Maria, can you tell me something about the secret of procreation? Why did God create man and woman?

It has been revealed that the power of procreation has been equally divided between man and woman, because neither of them had too much power. In fact having a child means having a part of God. A child is a God’s gift because it is a part of Him and that’s why the power of creation that is inside us must be equally divided between man and woman. The Master explains better than me this issue in this Revelation:

“ Peace be with you. Brothers, brothers of mine. It has been said: if you love your life and your family more than me, I will not be with you, you will not be worthy of Me. These words were said in ancient times to reveal the truth. And the sacrifice that was made then, the gift of the human heart to God will no longer be done. These words were said because the man did not know God, His Laws and His Spirit.

Man and woman were born at times of creation. Why? You say: “just to procreate”.
Yes of course! But why man and woman? Could be only man or woman? Why both?
Because God wanted to divide that part of himself so that each of you did not have the absolute power. God contains all the elements to create, but he could not give this great treasure only to man or to the woman, so He divided it between the two. To man, He gave a part of Himself, that part that you call sperm, it is deified because of the true substance of God. This substance becomes divine because it contains those particles tat can give life.

But God could not give everything to man and so He decided to share this great power and He gave the other half to the woman so that also her could be deified.
That’s why there are man and woman.
By procreating we re-create a Being that you call Human, but this Being is not human it is divine because born with the component of the divine beauty. As you know the creation is within you and what you call mystery has been revealed to you.

“ If you love others more than God, you will not worthy of Me”. This sentence refers to earthly things: selfishness, passions, gold, silver, luxury, vices, smoking, alcoholism, meanness! If you love all these things more than God, you are will not worthy of Him. He was not referring to children with this sentence. So “Love your children, because loving them you will love God” because they have the same substance of God, they have the Spirit of God and His same creative part. If you love your child you will love God too. If your child loves you he will love God as well. If each of you have the same substance of God, how can you say: “I love him more than God?”. If you love your children, you will love them in the same way as God. At the end of your lives, you will come back to the bosom of God, within you there is the Spirit that belongs to God and therefore loving, you will love God as well.

So love your children more than other things in the world, because loving them, you will love God as well. If your children are little, and even when they are grown up, offer them to God, consecrate them to Him, because He will incorporate them one day. All good actions that you make to your children and to other people, you will do directly to God. Now it has been revealed this big confusion: it is all about love, not about sacrifice. God would be selfish if he wanted all your love only for Him and therefore He accepts your love for your children. Therefore I say to you: “Love your children, because loving them, you will love God as well. Sacrifice yourself for them, because in this way you will love God and if you do some good to other people you will do to Me and I will give it back.

Who are my mother and my brothers? They are all those who do the will of my Father. Therefore loving them you will love Me.
So my Brothers, do not neglect your family, do not neglect your children. If they have been given to you by God, you have a responsibility towards them, because God giving a child has given you also a part of Himself. He put this great treasure in your hands, here are the talents. And tomorrow He will ask you where you have put these them, how you have used them, how you have educated your children, how you have managed to bring out that part of Himself that He gave to you with so much love.

Children are a gift from God because they are part of Him.
If you love a fellow you love Me, that’s why I tell you when to give yourself to another fellow you give yourself to God.
Peace be on your thoughts and doubts, peace be on your love and on your heart. Peace be on your meditation, peace be to you and to your families, I give all myself to you.

Peace be upon you

The Master, April 10, 1991

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